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Article 1: Suject of Terms of Use – Privacy Policy

The purpose of these general terms and conditions of sale is to govern contractual relations between OFÉE, a limited liability company with a capital of 890 000 Euros, having its registered office at 4 rue de la Paix, Paris 75002, and listed in the Paris Trade and Companies Register under number 491 974 556 - FR 044 919 74 556, and any Customer wishing to make a purchase on the website http://www.o-fee.com.
The general terms and conditions of sale listed here below take precedence over any other document given to the customer (prospectus, catalog, etc.) which is issued by OFÉE.
The fact of OFÉE not invoking any one of the clauses of these general terms and conditions of sale may not be interpreted as constituting a waiver of its right to subsequently invoke any one of these terms and conditions.


By using the Website, The User imply his consent to these general terms and conditions of sale and, by this way, agree the data collect and the process of his personal data according to the terms explained hereinafter.

In case you refuse to consent to these general terms and conditions of sale, The User is invited to stop all Ofée’s online services.

Ofée retains the right to modify the general terms and conditions of sale and privacy policy of the website anytime. The User will be informed of each modification by the updating of these general terms and conditions of sale and privacy policy on the Website.


The Website allows the User to:

  • Browse the catalog of Ofée’s creations;
  • Order Ofée’s products;
  • Sign to receive Ofée’s newsletter;
  • Locate Ofée’s point of sales;
  • Browse Ofée’s press releases;
  • Contact Ofée’s brand



The User acknowledge his responsibility about the entire unintended use of the website by consenting to these general terms and conditions of sale and privacy policy.

To the extend that no control can be made regarding the hypertext links on this website, sending back to third-party side, The User consent that the Website can’t be in charge regarding their content.

The Website responsibility couldn’t be committed in the event of force majeure or causes beyond outside facts such as Internet network.


The Website as well as the entire elements of it and reproduced – namely brands, jewels, accessories, logo, sketches, images – are Ofée’s exclusive property who have their intellectual property and rights related to it.

Every reproduction, representation, availability or public communication used (a part or all of these elements) without a prior written consent of Ofée, constitute an act of counterfeiting and expose contraveners to legal proceeding.

Article 5: COOKIES

During web browsing on the Website, the User consents that cookies will be set up on his device and can possibly register his online browsing.

A cookie is an alphanumeric file dropped into the User’s hard drive by a computer server recording his online browsing on the Website (consulting hours, consulting pages, date of cinsulting…). These informations could be read during later visits of the User on the Website to optimize his browsing experience.

The User can refuse to use Cookies by configuring his device by this way:

- For Mozilla Firefox:

1.            Choose into the drop menu "tools " the "Options"

2.            Click on the icon "Private life"

3.            Spot the menu "cookie" and select options which fits you

- For Microsoft Internet Explorer 8.0 and 7.0

1.            Click on the button « Start », then on « Internet Explorer. »

2.            Click on the button « Safety », then on « Delete browsing history».

Click on the button “ Start ”, then “Settings”, then “Internet option”. Click on the internet tab “Settings” then “Browsing history”, then click on”Delete” then “cookies” and delete the cookies. Click “Yes” to confirm your request.

3.            Activate the checkbox « Cookies ».

4.            Click on « Delete ».

For Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.0:

1.            Choose the drop menu "Tools", then "Internet options "

2.            Click on the drop menu "Privacy"

3.            Select the needed level thank to the pointer

- For Microsoft Internet Explorer 5:

1.            Choose the drop menu "Tools", then "Internet options "

2.            Click on the drop menu "Privacy"

3.            Select the needed level thank to the pointer

- For Netscape 6.X and 7. X:

1.            Choose the drop menu "Edition" > "Preference"

2.            Privacy and Safety

3.            Cookies

- For Opéra 6.0 and beyond:

1.            Choose the drop menu "Filer" > "Preference"

2.            Private

- For Google Chrome:

1.            Click on « Setting » then « See advanced settings»

2.            In the section « Private», click on « Settings mode»

In order to get help for any other web browser, The User can contact the data controller who will help for it.

By refusing the utilization of cookies, The User might be impacted and have a limited experience on the Website, which is consent by the User.


When the User sign in for the newsletter, by filling an order form online or by creating a client account on the Website, personal data of the User might be collected.

Processing personal data is made by the website which has made a statement alongside the National Informatics and Freedom Committee registreted under the number 2081264v0.

The data collect are made with an informed consent of the User and with only use of the brand Ofée.

The data maintenance of the User is made securely within the European Economical Area, with a useful time needed to a commercial management.

The director of the treating Data process for the User is:

CEO of the brand Ofée (RCS Paris 491 974 556)
4 Rue de la paix
75002 Paris

In accordance with the Informatics and Freedom Law of the January the 6th 1978, the User has a right to obtain from the director of the treating process:

  • Confirmation that his personal data are or are not processed
  • Access to his personal data
  • Rectify his personal data in case of wrong ones
  • Delete his personal data in case of limited facts listed by the law
  • Portability of his personal data
  • Restriction of the personal data treatment in case of debate for the accuracy of his personal data when they are no longer needed


At the User death, his personal data previously collected are destroyed too.


Each complaint must be addressed to the following address:

After sales service
4 rue de la Paix
75002 Paris.

Each parts can resort to mediation to find a friendly amiable to the conflict and go only to court on case a failing to mediation.

Relationship between Ofée and the consumer are eligible to French law.